The Smart Shop makes your life smarter, easier and natural by compiling ergonomic design and resourceful skill sets. Eco friendliness is the key criteria in mind when ever we choose a product or a supplier. We are showcasing Wooden Furniture, Furnishing, Candles and Fragrance, Home Décor Items, Coffee Table Books, Handmade Jewelry and so many other curios and natural products in our store. Visit us and make a mark!



Grand Relaunch and Exhibition Sale @ Wonen's Club, Kowdier, Trivandrum {10 / 12 /2014}

As some of you know we have announced our exhibition at women’s club from the 19th of dec to 21st of dec on face book. We are officially inviting all of you to this wide display of eco-friendly products. Many of the shoppers have been asking us about the affordability, durability, availability of eco-friendly products. We consider this an opportunity for us and you to get acquainted with the various aspects of eco-friendliness. This exhibition is also a way of us introducing the alternative products in the categories like Furniture, Furnishing, Home décor, Candles and fragrances, Lighting, Jewelry, And more... which are showcased in our store.


Most of our products are made of natural fibers, recycled wood, natural aroma, original oils and everything in harmony with nature. Let’s make that first step to smarter living.


We expect all of your eminent presence and make this attempt a success.

Diwali Dhamaka – Free Gift Cards and Heavy Discounts are Waiting for You! {08 / 10 /2014}
It’s festival time again. The time to shop, invite friends and entertain guests. To add sparkle to festivities, we have showcased sparkling floating candles, tea candles, diyas, aroma flower soaps, feel good and soothing essential oils, potpourris, scent diffusers, natural air fresheners, cups and mugs sets and much more. The fest starts on 16th October and ends on 30h Oct. Visit us and grabs all. Wishing a happy and safe diwali to all.

It’s a good store. Unlike many others shops here the products are reasonably priced. -Jacob George Muthalaly.

I have been looking everywhere for dry flowers and I found it here. Actually original dry flowers. Thank you.  -Kavitha Sreenivasan.


It was the end of an academic year and my daughter wanted to give her teacher a gift. She was so adamant that she needed to gift something different. I was out of ideas. That’s when my close colleague told me about Smart Shop. I went with a doubtful mind. But once I stepped in to the shop, I became a fan. It is so beautiful. So simple. So heart warming. Guess what we bought. Delicate flower candles. Hibiscus, Rose. My daughter’s teacher later told that she loved it. -Latha


Good Ambiance, Great Collection. Praveen M